Jonathan & Giselle Gillis

Jonathan & Giselle are both amateur, endurance-based athletes residing in San Antonio, TX. They are primarily ovo-lacto vegetarians, with gluten-free parameters. They strongly believe the power of well-balanced meals can fully sustain active lifestyles, like their own. Giselle is an Ultra runner, and trains year round for trail races that measure greater than a marathon distance of 26.2 miles. Jonathan is a triathlete who has completed triathlon distances from Sprint to Ironman. They spend their non-training days cooking up delicious meals, camping in the Texas wilderness, or playing with their two dog-babies, Buddy and Stella. 


Alyza Moore

Hi friends, I’m Alyza Moore, and to help you out, it’s pronounced uh-lie-zuh. I’m a psychology student at St. Ed’s, and like Ferny, I have a passion for talking about feelings, and I’m also a certified yoga teacher. I was born in Austin, and have spent time studying abroad in Peru, learning Spanish. In my senior year of high school, I discovered my passion for bodies, how we move them, and how, as women, it’s so worth it to find a way to truly love yours. I wrote a book called "Bodies Born to Rise," photographed over twenty women, and paired their photographs with essays they had written. Beyond my passions for yoga and psychology, I enjoy running around the city exploring new restaurants, and teaching my cat, King Henry VIII, how to climb trees.