"Living with Intent" by Mallika Chopra


When it comes to the self-help book realm, the line from authentically inspiring to cheesy can sometimes be very thin. I find myself not being able to connect with anything that feels pushy, or touted as a quick-fix or cure-all. I especially can't relate to authors who speak about how certain methods of bettering your life are "easy to do for everyone." Any sort of bettering of yourself takes work. Why? Because implementing change is HARD. This is why I fell in love with Mallika's book; it is an authentic look into the struggles she faced while shifting her life for the better. Her writing felt relatable, raw, and most importantly, human. She discusses her challenges with meditation, eating healthy, and practicing yoga just as openly as her successes, and reminds us that every one of us (even the daughter of famed Deepak Chopra!) has a hard time choosing healthy habits over what we're comfortable in. She interviews great minds about how they found their own intent, and uses their knowledge to build a path of purpose for herself and the reader. I also appreciated her inclusion of easy-to-do journaling exercises, so the reader can do some side-work while they read, and explore their own road to workable ways of building intent. An inspiring read if you're looking for how-to's on implementing self-care into your daily routine (without beating yourself up about it), and if you're working towards finding more clarity around your own objectives and purpose in life.

You can purchase her book on Amazon here, and also visit her website www.intent.com to join a community of people who support each other's journeys by sharing their personal stories of finding their own authentic intent and aspirations.