The benefits of doing yoga are endless! Most of us know (or have at least heard) how life-altering the practice can be — not just for our bodies, but for our minds and hearts, too. But where to start? And with who?

Whether you're on the beginning of your yoga journey or an experienced practitioner of many years, my classes offer something for both ends of the spectrum (and everyone in-between). I carefully cultivate my sequences to include space for the student to intuitively move in the best way for their body, and encourage them to use my direction as gentle guidance, ultimately letting their body's knowledge be what creates their practice that day. I incorporate the practice of mindfulness into my classes as well -- through breathwork, meditation, or simply drawing the student's awareness back to their own physicality. Whatever shape it may take, my classes are deeply personal, and I try to welcome my students into the ebbs and flows of my own life, in hopes that something can resonate within their own. Yoga is not just a time to sweat and move, but a chance to peel away the layers and observe ourselves in a raw and pure state -- an opportunity to disconnect from the frenetic energy of our daily lives. I try to create a space that is welcoming for all, and provide classes that allow students to lovingly explore their bodies, minds, and hearts.

I work mainly in the style of vinyasa flow, and also offer power and restorative yoga classes. Along with the physical practice, I also teach instruction on meditation, breathwork, mindfulness practices, or a combination of them all. Along with public & private classes, I also teach extended workshops for those looking to delve deeper into their knowledge on practices like yoga, meditation, and other wellness rituals.

To see what’s coming up on the schedule, go to EVENTS, or try a few of my online offerings under the PRACTICE tab. To read more on my experience and training, click here.

Private Yoga Classes

Ready to start yoga, but need more in-depth instruction outside of a public class? Or maybe you’re looking to refine and deepen an already existing practice. Private yoga instruction is the ideal way to grow your yoga experience and knowledge, while having the personal, hands-on experience and guidance of a teacher.

Want to spread the positive vibes of yoga and meditation to your coworkers, employees, or friends? Together, we can co-create the perfect mindful event for your group. I work carefully to cultivate an experience that is tailor-made for your group's unique needs, whether it be complete newbies, experienced practitioners, or something in-between.

My offerings include:

  • Private yoga instruction

  • Corporate or In-office Yoga

  • Bachelorette Parties / Wedding Day Yoga

  • Group Meditations

  • Meditation Instruction / Workshops

  • and anything else you'd like to create!

Private and group class prices vary by size, length of class, and location. Extra fees may be included for any materials needed and mileage (depending on total distance driven). Please click the link below to send me a message & get an estimate for your class. See you on the mat, yogis!

Public Class Schedule

I teach exclusively at Wanderlust Yoga Austin — below is my current class schedule.

Click the Wanderlust logo to reserve your spot in class!

Downtown Location

Tuesday // 9:30am // 75 min. Vinyasa

Wednesday // 8:30pm // Candlelight Vinyasa

Thursday // 9:30am // 75 min. Vinyasa

Friday // 6:45pm // Heated Vinyasa

Domain Location

Saturday // 9:00am // Power Yoga